The Design Process

1. Creative Consultation

Let’s talk about your project in detail. It’s also beneficial to learn about your company’s history, goals, and competitors in the market. If meeting in person, I often bring samples and pertinent materials related to the project.

2. PDF Price Quote

You will receive a detailed quote in PDF format which spells out the parameters of the project in detail, accounting for the creative work and any printing/materials required. This quote is generally within 48 hours of the consultation. A 50% deposit is required before any work is scheduled on the production calendar.

3. Concept Development

Creative design work is best done following a phase of research and development, which involves brainstorming various design and messaging concepts while taking into consideration the history of the company/organization, current market trends, competition strategies, and future goals.

4. Design

My main goal is to design a creative piece which builds your brand and communicates your message to the audience you desire. Depending on the project, you will receive between one and three design concepts as your first proof (logo/branding projects will receive a minimum of three varied concepts).

5. Feedback & Revisions

I welcome your detailed feedback on proofs. Revisions are usually completed within the week. The fee for design projects allows for up to two rounds of feedback and revisions. Anything required after that is billed on an hourly basis, but I’m here to make sure you’re happy with the end result!

6. Printing or Delivery of Files

I handle all of the necessary printing and deliver a finished piece to you. If the project does not involve a print component, you will receive all files in the agreed-upon formats digitally (through Dropbox) or on CD/DVD.

7. Final Payment & Customer Service

Upon delivery of the project I collect the remaining 50% balance for work performed/delivered.  I will always be available to help answer any design-related questions you may have after a project is complete. I believe in building relationships with clients by establishing trust  through timely communication and professional service. I would be happy to work with you again on your marketing projects in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

I often work on tight deadlines, so please call or email. Based on your project’s details and my current production schedule I may be able to help you in time.

Absolutely. I provide professional marketing photography, which includes staff, services, buildings, equipment, real estate, interiors, and more. I also use a 10′ x 8′ mobile lighting studio with a selection of professional backdrops for certain needs. I’m also an experienced copywriter and editor, so following an interview (or with a few bullet points from you) I can develop an effective message. I will handle all production sourcing and printing for you as well.

See “The Design Process” for more information.

There are several things to look for – practical experience, portfolio, business etiquette, marketing knowledge, response time, and fees. But also pay close attention to how carefully the designer listens and responds to your project needs. Good designers are good listeners. If a designer is dominating the conversation or you start to feel like they’re trying to “sell” you on a particular service or product then you might want to think twice. Trust your gut!

The majority of my projects are quoted at a flat fee for the creative services needed. Today many design agencies are moving away from hourly rates for services so the client won’t have to wonder if “the meter is running” and so the designer can feel free to develop the highest quality piece without limiting the time involved to a pre-set limit. No two design projects are alike, even when it comes to something as simple as a business card or a brochure. As such, I don’t offer menu-style pricing for design and printing. After a free initial consultation I base your fee on a variety of factors, including your deadline, the creative services required, printing quantity, and paper/finish needed for the final piece. Anything additional needed down the line may incur an hourly fee, depending on the need. I will be happy to give you a written price quote for your job after a consultation call or visit.

Design rates average from $50-$100 per hour in most large market areas. Full agency representation rates in larger markets start out at $125 and go up from there.

Timely communication is number one. It is imperative that the client communicates changes in a project, timelines, or anything related to the project and due date. Submission of any necessary files on time is also very important.